Quest Foundation Current Projects

Our goal for over five decades has been to help save millions of critical ecosystem acreage from Alaska to the Amazon but primarily in the Southeastern United States. We have done this through applied science based research and fine art photographic still and video documentation. Five decades of conservation successes have helped insure the future protection of some of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems. From our inception our focus has been to champion sound environmental practices and defense.

Islands In the Sky:
Lost Worlds of El Dorado

After several decades of exploration in the Guiana Shield collectively for sixty years, our scientific, educational, promotional and photographic team in concluding the necessary research to produce the most definitive book ever published on the Lost World tropical region of the planet.

Cumberland Island National Seashore Exhibit

A proposal to develop the most comprehensive exhibit showcasing the monumental decades of conservation work that saved Georgia’s coastal Islands.

Arts & Ecology in the Americas

The Arts and Ecology in the Americas program primary objective is to research, identify and support leading conservation artisans, environmental educators and musicians throughout the Americas from the Arctic / Amazon / Antarctica. This one of a kind program brings together leaders in each of the creative fields who are collectively able to play a major role in the understanding of biodiversity and conservation of “critical habitat” areas in the Americas.

Current Proposed Projects

Jim Fowler: Life In the Wild

A tribute to Jim Fowler’s Life In The Wild exploring the world and capturing beauty and wonders of our planet’s wildlife.

Betsey Fowler Collection

Betsey’s Fowler life is a ongoing tribute of how her world class paintings have made a difference in the conservation of many of our planet’s most endangered species.