Quest Foundation History

Quest Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 publicly funded organization established in 1971. Our environmental education efforts, through a union of the arts and sciences, have been used to help champion the preservation of millions of acres of wilderness. Five decades of conservation successes help insure the future protection of some of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems. From our inception our focus has been to champion the cause of sound environmental practices and defense.

Celebrating 50 Years

Over the years, Quest Foundation has generated countless arts/ecology/science projects. At any time, Quest Foundation is involved with a number of undertakings, each designed to raise awareness and help develop solutions to present and emergent concerns.

For over five decades, Quest Foundation has championed ecosystem research conservation through science, education and the arts. It has been a pioneer in the development of innovative ecologically-oriented books, exhibits, publications and documentaries


Partnerships are critical to maintain broad base communication, support and success in the environmental arts and science arena. We have maintained close partnerships with leading conservation groups, schools, universities, environmental foundations, artists, corporations, and governmental units on a local, state and international level. We provide conservation media, educational tools and services to these institutions and organizations; products which they would not be able to obtain from other sources.


Quest Foundation has excelled in our ability to leverage limited funding for the greatest possible outcome. Through our skilled staff and network of volunteer professionals and board members we have produced high quality and timely products and programs for over fifty years.

Our General Administrative support is led by our executive director, our assistant director/project manager, and our communications director along with a wide variety of ongoing volunteer support. This unusual blending of staff skills allows us to produce a large amount of work product and to tackle projects typically demanding of much larger budgets and staffing teams.

The Challenge and Goal

The Challenge and Goal is to understand that the Earth represents global ecological consciousness that embraces how ecosystems work together as one self-serving unit benefiting itself which in turn helps humanity.

The late Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom describes “sustainable consumption and caring capacity of the land is the ability of any single species or group of species to live healthily and multiply within its own habitat”

Arts & Ecology in the Americas

The Arts and Ecology in the Americas program primary objective is to research, identify and support leading conservation artisans, environmental educators and musicians throughout the Americas from the Arctic to the Amazon. This one of a kind program brings together leaders in each of the creative fields who are collectively able to play a major role in the understanding of biodiversity and conservation of “critical habitat” areas in the Americas.

Establishing the Appalachian Environment Arts Center

James Valentine’s vision to build one of the best color and B&W labs in the country. For fifty years Quest Foundation has been dedicated to the preservation of wild places in the Southeast and throughout the Americas conducting major explorations capturing conservation images of our precious earth.

Gene Wilkes: The Quest Logo

Gene Wilkes, a visionary graphic artist and designer, was one of the original co-founders of Quest Foundation. Jim Valentine worked with Gene in the development of the dolphin communication painting.

Jim Valentine celebrated with Gene the development of the Quest Logo with each of the letters standing for a different communication element.

Breathing Earth Productions

Jim Valentine celebrated with Gene Wilkes the development of the Breathing Earth logo in that everything on earth has a common thread: Breathing on a small and global scale.

Guale: The Golden Coast of Georgia Exhibit.

A 120 foot long display at the Atlanta Memorial Arts Center celebrating the biodiversity of coastal Georgia.