50 Years of Exploration and Photography

Saving millions of acres of wilderness

Quest Foundation’s Mission:

Nature conservation and environmental preservation through the arts and sciences.

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Conservation Goals

Quest Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1971. Our nature conservation goal is aimed at developing powerful educational tools to produce scientific, educational and art-based books, exhibits and documentaries illustrating how we are linked to the natural world for our own survival and awareness of the remaining precious wild places.

The conception of the Appalachian Environmental Arts Center in the mountains of North Carolina started Quest Foundation’s journey in environmental conservation.

Our ecologically-oriented Educational Products include: 15 books, multi-media exhibits, publications and documentaries, illustrating the biodiversity of all critical ecosystems from the mountains to ocean habitats.

Our environmental conservation efforts includes the Arts and Ecology in the Americas partnership program with prominent people. Jim and Betsey Fowler have been an integral part of our program.

James Valentine Masterworks Collections

James Valentine has focused his large format cameras on light being the messenger of life for over five decades. Each ecosystem has its own
landscape conservation message to share in an infinite array of light intensities. The biodiversity of our planet provides us with clean water and air.

The James Valentine Photographic Masterwork Collections are proposed to be archived in major southern university libraries.

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James Valentine Masterworks Florida Collection

These fine art photograph collections explore ecosystems from Predido Key in the Florida panhandle proceeding half way to Cuba in the Marquesas Keys. The compendium includes over 21,000 images of Natural History and Cultural History significance.

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James Valentine Masterworks North Carolina Collection

The collection represents over 7000 large and medium format images assembled over twenty years celebrating North Carolina’s incredible biodiversity. You travel over 600 miles from the Blue Ridge Mountains down untamed rivers, pristine coves, placid swamps with your destiny being the crystalline beaches along Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks.

Explore James Valentine Photographic Masterworks Galleries

Current Projects

The biodiversity of our planet is in peril, especially some of the most fragile habitats. Incredible species are disappearing in front of our eyes. Collectively for over sixty years and 33+ extensive expeditions our scientific, educational, promotional and photographic team is conducting the necessary research to produce the most definitive book ever published on the Lost World tropical region of the planet that represents the Guyana Shield.

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